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Nov 30 2008

Facebook Grabbed The Wrong Status: I’m Not A Woman

I went on Facebook to change my status tonight and my status was set to “Timothy is loving the beautiful snowfall and trying her best to focus on her academics”. Now the fact that I am not in school anymore is the one that I am concerned with.

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Nov 05 2008

Verizon Fios Now Allows DVR Management Via Internet

Verizon Fios just launched a new feature that I requested over a year ago. This is an amazing feature because it will allow “average” customers (not tech savvy) to go online and add/delete from the DVR while at work or on the road.

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Oct 24 2008

Tiny Paste Is An Awesome Twitter Tool

Tiny Paste is a tool that is used for twitter to allow you to type more than the 140 characters that twitter allows. There is also a firefox plugin for Tiny Paste which you can select the text you want in the browser, right click and convert it into a url.

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Oct 23 2008

Check Out "Palin As President".us – This Is Hilarious

For example: There is a poster of the movie “Maverick” and someone from the Dallas Mavericks Inside the door on the left, there are burning books On the wall there are blank frames and if you click on them, she says: “Learning’s hard”, “Didn’t graduate”, “BS here I come” If you click on the curtain directly behind Palin, she says “Where did Russia go?”

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Oct 20 2008

Pandora Music Service: Your Free Online Music Adviser

I know I am behind the times with Pandora, but some people haven’t been brought into the light yet. Pandora is a free online music adviser that was created by the Music Genome Project. There are over 400 musical attributes that Pandora uses to determine how types of music are similar.

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Oct 16 2008

I Actually Was Able To Order Domino’s Pizza Online

Tonight, my friends and I decided to order Domino’s pizza for dinner. I was about to call when I remembered you can order online. I ordered the food online and we watched as the food progressed on the “Pizza Tracker”.

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Oct 14 2008

Scrabble On Facebook Is Really Fun

My friend Vasken and I were bored a few weekends ago while I was in Plymouth and we played Scrabble on Facebook. You can have multiple games going at the same time and can continue to play in all your games simultaneously.

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Sep 27 2008

Media Temple Web Hosting, Armenian As A Language

Yesterday, I saw a tweet from John Resig, creator of jQuery, that stated that he will be moving all of the jQuery files/data to Media Temple. Bulletproof security station and shipping/receiving areas with a Biometric security system are also in place.

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Sep 25 2008

Zemanta Is My New Favorite Tool As A Blogger

I stumbled upon Zemanta the other day and have grown to love this blogging tool. Below those boxes in the tags section is a set of tags that are auto generated based on your content.

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