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Dec 28 2007

Armenian Eagle Celebrates 2nd Birthday

I want to get my rss subscriptions up Current Total Reads: 1,053,172 (up from 120,940 last year) Current Technorati Ranking: 613,239 (down from 305,135 last year) Current Alexa Ranking: 293,938 (up from 3,054,634 last year) Current RSS Subscribers: 81 (not that good, but I will try and increase it this year) Top Five Stories: 13 Little Things That Make A Geek Happy Museum of the Moving Image Salutes Will Smith PeekVid – Watch Videos Online ESPN 360 Flaw Create your Mii character online Thank you very much to all of those who read my blog and enjoy the variety of topics.

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Dec 04 2007

Armenian Eagle Reaches Milestone: 1,000,000 Page Loads

I am 24 days away from my 2 year blogging anniversary and I reached a very big milestone…for me at least. December 7, 2006, I passed 100,000 page loads and in the past year I have blogged at least once a day bringing this year so far to a total of 900,000.

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Apr 03 2007

Armenian Eagle April Fools Joke Succeeds

While at work today, my boss came into my office and explained that the Office of Public Relations received a Google Alert about my blog post since I mentioned {Insert School Name Here} (To bypass Google Alerts).

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Jan 25 2007

DreamHost One-Click Install of WordPress 2.1 Released

Here are the new features in Ella: * Autosave makes sure you never lose a post again. * You can set any ??page? to be the front page of your site, and put the latest posts somewhere else, making it much easier to use WordPress as a content management system.

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Dec 28 2006

Happy Birthday Armenian Eagle

It has been 1 year since I first started blogging under the name Armenian Eagle. Once I realized that I would enjoy blogging, I setup my blog on my own server so that I would have more control over the theme and the plugins.

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Feb 06 2006

Armenian Eagle Origin

So who knows, I may be some rich Armenian Prince who doesn’t know who he really is, but I DOUBT IT 🙂 Armenia, Armenian, Armenian Eagle, Coat of Arms, Eagle, Haroutunian, Royalty

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