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Dec 11 2008

NESN’s Comedy All Stars: Live Taping Review

Last night I went to go see “NESN Comedy All Stars” with my best friend Kristin. In one night, they taped three shows and made it seem like they were actually three different nights. Watch for season 2 of “NESN’s Comedy All Stars” which airs I believe Friday nights after Red Sox games (next season obviously).

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Nov 24 2008

24: Redemption == Amazing

I know that 24 Redemption premiered last night, but I was DVRing it and watched it tonight. I miss 24 a lot because of how amazing the writing actually is. However, I will have to wait for January before I get to watch a new episode.

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Nov 23 2008

Jim Gaffigan Show Tonight – It’s Going To Be Awesome

In about an hour, I am going to take the T into Boston to see the Jim Gaffigan show. Apparently there is an opening act that isn’t that good, but one of my friends who saw the show, said Gaffigan was absolutely amazing.

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Nov 16 2008

Jim Gaffigan Preview For Show Next Week; Hot Pockets!

Here is a preview of the Jim Gaffigan show I am going to a week from today. Here is a piece from his show on “Hot Pockets”. It is absolutely hilarious. Enjoy!

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