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Dec 25 2007

Merry Christmas To All – 2007

Enjoy the image I created for Christmas Last Christmas was good, this christmas was different, but I enjoyed it. However, it is more about the birth of Christ and spending time with family.

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Mar 04 2007

Meaning of the name Timothy

I wanted to know the meaning of my first name so when I looked it up, I realized that it means “God’s Honor”. That seems very appropriate for who I am 🙂 charles dickens, dickens, god’s honor, timothy, tiny tim, god’s honor, meaning, baby, names

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Jun 26 2006

Cameron is Bigger

After not seeing my nephew in over a month, I went home to see him and he has grown a lot. Here are a few updated pictures baby, Cameron, Cameron Jay, family, Nephew

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Mar 27 2006

Cameron is Home

My Nephew came home from the hospital today and he is doing amazing. He is still 4 weeks early, but he is very strong and breathing very well. babies, baby, cameron, cameron heichman, family, premature, winchester hospital

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Mar 03 2006

I’m an Uncle

My sister had her baby at 5:00pm about 7 weeks before he was due. My sister had a C-Section due to the fact that she had very low Amniotic Fluid also called Oligohydramnios. Amniotic Fluid, baby, cameron, family, Oligohydramnios, uncle

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