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Aug 13 2008

The Interesting Logic Of Two Year Olds

He is obsessed with numbers and letters and he knows all the letters and about 20 numbers. Fiveteen isn’t really a number (technically word), but in his mind, all of the other numbers began with the number + teen.

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Mar 11 2008

My Family Celebrates My Nephew Cameron’s 2nd Birthday

You connect two rods through the holes in the tent and secure them into their holder and then take the Velcro off of the tube, it expands automatically and connect the two pieces. My other sister (his Godmother) bought him a raincoat set including galoshes.

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Mar 03 2008

My Nephew Cameron Turns 2 Today

Today is my nephew Cameron’s 2nd birthday today. He doesn’t yet understand what it means, but he likes when people sing Happy Birthday. I know most children are the same way, but I was the youngest in my family and he is my first nephew. Happy Birthday Cameron!!!

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Dec 24 2007

My Nephew On Christmas Eve 2007







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Sep 19 2007

My Nephew Cameron Learns How To Clean (Video)

At 18 months, my nephew Cameron used the swiffer to clean up a mess he made and then decided it was too fun to stop and pushed it around some more. Cameron, nephew, cleaning, swiffer

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Apr 21 2007

New Pictures of My Nephew Cameron – April 21st, 2007

Here are updated pictures of Cameron. These were professionally taken and they are so cute. cameron, nephew, family, cameron heichman

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Mar 08 2007

I received a “Great Mom Award”

I bought books for my nephew Cameron from Scholastic Book Club and I was sent an interesting award. cameron, uncle, nephew, mother, mom, great mom award, scholastic, award, great mom, books, children

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Mar 03 2007

Cameron Turns 1 Year Old Today

Cameron turned One Year Old today and we had a party for him at my sister Suzanne’s house. My sister Suzanne and Cameron 1 year old, birthday, birthday party, cameron, cameron heichman, family, one year old, party

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Feb 08 2007

Cameron featured on AmericanBaby.com

My nephew Cameron, was featured on AmericanBaby.com today (February 8, 2007) Cameron, cameron heichman, family, heichman

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Dec 29 2006

Cameron at Christmas

While home for Christmas, I got to spend time with my nephew and he keeps on growing bigger every time I see him. He was dressed in a reindeer outfit and it was very cute. Enjoy cameron, christmas, family, nephew, uncle, xmas

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