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Jan 13 2008

Patriots To Championship Game; Colts & Fans Are Losers

This will be very short because I don’t feel well, but I thought I would post it anyway The Patriots beat Jacksonville in the AFC divisional round to head into the AFC Championship game against the San Diego Chargers.

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Nov 04 2007

Patriots Pull Off 4th Q Victory Over Colts – Go To 9-0

The Patriots struggled throughout this game whether it was the 2 interceptions thrown by Brady or the horrible, horrible calls by the referees, the Patriots definitely earned this win. The Patriots took a 24-20 lead with 2:25 left in the game and on 3 and 9, Manning was sacked causing the ball to come loose right into Colvin’s hands.

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Jan 27 2007

Very bad Call = Patriots possibly lose Superbowl spot

In a moment of uncertainty, the officials during the AFC Championship game called a pass interference penalty on Patriots Corner back, Ellis Hobbs. The next time you hear a TV analyst say, ??he wasn??t playing the ball,?? think of the Hobbs play, then turn down the sound.? The Patriots may have been screwed out of a super bowl spot, but there is always next year.

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