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Sep 07 2007

French’s Mustard Commercial w/ Grease Star

Sweet commercial and it rules that Frenchy from the movie Grease.

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Aug 12 2007

“Boom Boom Tap” Women’s Sports Commercial

This commercial is great because there really is no point to it other than watching hot girls play sports. Honestly, women who have played HS/College sports might understand this commercial, but I don’t. boom boom tap, boom, tap, commercial, women, sports, under armour

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May 17 2007

Ortiz Urlacher – Vitamin Water Commercial

This is an amazing video, but it is better if you are a Red Sox fan like I am. ortiz, david ortiz, brian urlacher, urlacher, vitamin water, commercial, funny, humor

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May 16 2007

Yahoo Answers – Laser Level Commercial

I was over Vasken’s house and I saw this commercial and I was going to blog it, but he decided to blog it first. yahoo, answers, laser level, commercial, funny, humor

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Feb 25 2007

Girl buttons jeans in front of “Blind” Guy

Possibly Not Safe For Work, Depends on your work Funny Jeans commercial…Enjoy blind, blind guy, commercial, girl, guy, jeans

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Jan 13 2007

Funny iPhone Commercial on Conan

apple, commercial, conan, conan obrien, funny, humor, iphone

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Sep 05 2006

Domino’s Fudgems

I dont know why but this is always a funny commercial to me 🙂 commercial, dominos, fudgems, funny, random

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