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Mar 11 2008

My Family Celebrates My Nephew Cameron’s 2nd Birthday

You connect two rods through the holes in the tent and secure them into their holder and then take the Velcro off of the tube, it expands automatically and connect the two pieces. My other sister (his Godmother) bought him a raincoat set including galoshes.

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Mar 18 2007

Setting Up A VPN Connection On Vista

I needed to set up a VPN connection to my work today on Vista and was unsure of how to do it. A VPN is a private communications network often used by companies or organizations, to communicate confidentially over a public network. connection, network, tunnel, virtual private network, vista, VPN, windows, windows vista

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May 21 2006

New Cell Phone

Basic Information Talk time: 225 minutes Standby time: 163 hours Size: 3.58H x 1.92W x 1.03D inches Weight: 4.16 oz Basic Features * All Digital Phone * 1.3 Megapixel Camera with flash * Connect with Bluetooth * MiniSD External Memory Port * Speakerphone * Voice Dialing * Color Screen Other Features * Bluetooth * Get It Now * Mobile Web 2.0 * Picture Messaging * Removable Memory * Video Messaging * V CAST Music * V CAST Bluetooth, LG, new phone, phone, VCast, verizon, Wireless Technology

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