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Oct 10 2007

Karekin II Boston Visit: Sayat Nova Armenian Dancing

The Sayat Nova Armenian Dance Company of Boston (horrible website by the way), performed in front of the Catholicos and Supreme Patriarch of all Armenians on Friday night which was amazing. Inspired by a love for their heritage and for dancing, members of the Company are enthusiastic, devoted individuals, investing both time and talent to make the Sayat Nova Dance Company a symbol of pride and achievement for the Armenian people.

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May 15 2007

The Evolution of Dance

This video was sent to me months ago by my aunt and I finally got around to blogging it. The most amazing 6 minutes of dance that you will see. It is a compendium of dances from the 50’s to present. evolution of dance, dance, evolution, funny, humor

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Aug 08 2006

5 years old = Perfect DDR Routine

I have played DDR twice in my life and it was tough, but this kid makes it look….well not easy but could dance better than I can 🙂 ddr, 5 year old, movie, dance dance revolution

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