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Oct 08 2008

The Internet Party: NSFW, But Very Funny

If you take all of the social networking sites/major websites on the internet and put them all into a room as people, put a regular girl in the mix and this is how they would act.

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Jul 27 2008

Google Walking: Google Maps Makes Walking More Convient

I don’t know when Google launched this into beta, but it is awesome.

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Mar 07 2008

Quinnipiac University Doesn’t Have A SEO Friendly Website

SEO can also target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, and industry-specific vertical search engines.’ I am going to use my alma mater as an example.

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Feb 28 2008

Google Adsense Finally Makes Me Very Happy (Resolution)

In 20 hours, the Google Adsense team analyzed my problem, fixed the problem and responded to me. I was very surprised at how fast they responded, but I guess if you’re Google, it makes sense to have great tech support.

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Feb 05 2008

Super Tuesday 2008: Should I Stay Or Should I Go

So he is worth more than most average people combined and most people are alright with that. What about the people who don’t complain about their unfortunate lives and you are spending money on running for a presidency that is not going to be yours.

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Jan 30 2008

Speed Up Google Analytics Load Time

Ask Apache wrote a very useful article on how to increase the speed of your Google Analytics script on load time. The solution, write a cron script that runs every week (every day if you are nervous) that will remove the script from your server “wpget” the new file and set the permissions.

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Jan 05 2008

Google Presentations Now Embeddable

The Google Docs Blog informed users that Google Presentations now give you the option to embed shows onto websites and blogs. I use many of Google services (Gmail, Docs, Search, Adsense, Analytics, iGoogle, Maps, etc) but until they allowed for embeddable presentations, I didn’t use the slide shows.

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Dec 15 2007

Google Street View Moves To Boston – A Little Too Much

I knew at some point that Google would come to the Boston area, but I didn’t think they would go all over the Boston Area. This is what Arlington Heights looks like on Mass Ave.

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Aug 01 2007

I Signed Up For PPP

Pay Per Post (PPP) is a advertising website that allows you to get money for either blogging or advertising. I found out about Pay Per Post from the Facebook application that they created which links your facebook account with your pay per post account.

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