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Mar 15 2008

Psychics Are Like Actors

The host called a psychic and the psychic told the man which card he picked. However, the psychic did not actually visualize the card, he kept guessing until the host said the predetermined phrases. Then he would say the suits and when he was right the host would say hold on and hand the phone to the guy who picked the card.

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Oct 28 2006

24: The Movie

Keifer Sutherland told MTV News that there is a script being developed to make a 24 hour day into a 2 hour feature film. In an interview with MTV News in April 2006, the show’s star Kiefer Sutherland announced that a script was in development and that the film would abandon the real-time format of the show.

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Aug 28 2006

Kiefer & 24 Won Emmy

Kiefer Sutherland and TV series 24 both won an Emmy last night for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his role as Jack Baur and Outstanding Drama Series respectively.

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