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Oct 10 2008

What Happens When Pumpkins Get Drunk?

One of my friends from work, Kim, sent me this picture which I wanted to share.

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Sep 09 2006

Armenian Alphabet

Upper CaseLower CasePronunciation Ա ա Ayp Բ բ Pen Գ գ Kim Դ դ Ta Ե ե Yech Զ զ Za Է է Eh Ը ը Ut Թ թ T’oh Ժ ժ Zjey Ի ի Ini Լ լ Lune Խ խ Kheh Ծ ծ Dza Կ կ Gen ? հ Ho Ձ ձ Tsah ? ղ Ghat ? ճ Je ? մ Men ? յ Hee ? ն Nu ? շ Sha ? ո Voh ? չ Ch’a ? պ Bey ? ջ Chey ? ռ Ra Ս ս Seh ? վ Vey Տ տ Dune Ր ? Reh ? ց Ts’o ? ? Hune ? ? Pure ? ? Kay ? ? O ? ? Fe alphabet, armenia, armenian, armenian alphabet, Catholicos, st mesrob, st mesrop, st sahag

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Aug 06 2006

Sharapova Acura Classic Champion

After a few break opportunities for Kim Clijsters, Sharapova ended up holding and taking the win for the game. Congratulations Maria Sharapova acura, acura classic finals, Clijsters, kim Clijsters, maria Sharapova, san diego, Sharapova, tennis, us open series, wta

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