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Jun 03 2007

Red Sox Managers Winning Record In First 3 Seasons

Don Zimmer: 287 Terry Francona: 279 Year Uniform # Manager(s) Wins Losses WP Position GB Roster 1977 34 Don Zimmer 97 64 .602 2nd 2½ 1977 1978 34 Don Zimmer 99 64 .607 2nd 1 1978 1979 34 Don Zimmer 91 69 .569 3rd 11½ 1979 2004 47 Terry Francona 98 64 .605 2nd 3 2004 2005 47 Terry Francona 95 67 .586 2nd 0 2005 2006 47 Terry Francona 86 76 .531 3rd 11 2006 red sox, baseball, boston, mlb, managers, don zimmer, terry francona, winning, record

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Mar 01 2006

Call Log Presentation – Postponed

I was going to be presenting Call Log today at the Managers meeting, but due to the “plague” that is going around, especially ITS, the presentation was postponed till next week. That does give me more time to get everything double checked and to make sure that there are no errors, but it does put me a week behind on my Senior Project.

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Jan 18 2006

Call Log and ITS Managers

– Print Quota or Disk Quota over limit) Completed Call Log Redesign Problem Details linked with the Knowledgebase Ability to assign a call to a group instead of an individual New look for assigned call details Check your groups open calls Re-assign to another group Hardware Info for user – Listing all computers and details Call History Integrated into Call Log Automatically Generated Keywords Main Page News using Help Desk Blog In Progress User Quota Disk Quota Department Quota Main Page Open Calls my.Plymouth Information about user Adding Switch, Port and Jack information to Hardware Info Call Log Wish List for Employees for what they want added Future Goals Email Channel Error – Fix in Tools Section Restore Request Oz Lookup User Information NSYSMAN (with Manager or Shift Leader Authorization) NFIXPROFILE Customize Call Log to your needs Employee Appointment Manager and Calendar System User’s Media Loans TIMELINE January 30th, 2006 – Shift Leaders Start Testing Call Log Version 3.0 June 1st, 2006 – Full Testing Starts August 1st, 2006 – Call Log 3.0 goes LIVE Even though this is the current timeline, we will be developing this throughout the upcoming year.

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