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Apr 28 2007

Yahoo’s Huge Marketing Mistake

You would think their marketing department would have thought of a better location than what they choose. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!!! FYI: If you don’t understand this, a 404 error on the internet means that a page is Not Found. yahoo, marketing, baseball, sign, 404, error

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Feb 16 2007

Marisa Miller sports Video iPod (possibly NSFW)

FYI: The song that she is listening to is “Getting The Picture” by Jimmy Buffett This picture is from the Winter 2007 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition buffett, ipod, jimmy buffett, marisa miller, nude, revealing, semi-nude, si, sports illustrated, sports illustrated swimsuit edition, swimsuit edition, video ipod

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Jun 10 2006

PACE Summer Retreat 06

The PACE summer retreat was awesome and I am really excited about the upcoming year. It will be ready for the Orientation session on Sunday Plymouth State, get ready for an AWESOME year full of great events and amazing movies. pace, plymouth state, events, movies, red sox, marketing, saved by the bell, committees, orientation, fall semester, programming

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