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Jun 17 2008

Firefox 3 Was ‘Semi’ Released Today….

Except for the fact that the Mozilla website was down most of the day, Firefox 3 was released today and it is looking real nice. I decided to spend the time with my parents and mainly my father instead of going into Boston which is what my original plan was.

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Jan 08 2008

Firefox Hints: Select Tabs Using ‘Control + Number’

Well, there is the option of holding down “ctrl + Tab” or “ctrl + shift + tab” to go in reverse, but I’m not talking about that. You could just hold down “ctrl + 9” (very last tab) or you could choose a different one, number 5 for example, hold down “ctrl + 5”.

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Dec 03 2007

Microsoft Idiocies Advance To Next Level Of Stupidity

While I was at work today, I changed a setting and firefox would not load back up so I needed to remove it. Back to my story, the Used section told me that it was used rarely.

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Nov 26 2007

Firefox 3.01 Beta Release

I downloaded Firefox 3.01 Beta yesterday (a few weeks late) and at first I was thinking that I was going to have to uninstall it right away. On firefox 2, the CSS was just the way it should look and in firefox 3, it was off by about 5 pixels.

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Dec 15 2006

Firefox 3 Test Run

Since Firefox 2 was released Mozilla started working on the Alpha version of Firefox 3 codename Gran Paradiso Alpha 1. The move to the new rendering engine will mean that Firefox 3 will not work on Windows 95, 98, ME and Mac OS X. alpha, browser, firefox, firefox 2, firefox 3, gecko, Gran Paradiso, vector-based rendering

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Oct 27 2006

Firefox 2 and Roaming Profiles

The original location for Firefox 1.5 preferences and cache were located in “C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\{random-id}\” With Firefox 2.0, they left the preferences in the original folder but moved the cache outside in its own folder, the following: “C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\{random-id}\” After talking with a co-worker, using group policy and our current roaming profiles, we can prevent the cache folder from being uploaded to the server on logout.

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Sep 01 2006

Firefox 2 Beta2

In my post about Firefox 2 Beta, I was really excited about the features list, but since then there have been many bugs and crashes of Firefox Beta. The following is the link to download the newest beta: Download Firefox 2 Firefox Beta is ready for its final release and then it will launch.

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