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Mar 03 2008

My Nephew Cameron Turns 2 Today

Today is my nephew Cameron’s 2nd birthday today. He doesn’t yet understand what it means, but he likes when people sing Happy Birthday. I know most children are the same way, but I was the youngest in my family and he is my first nephew. Happy Birthday Cameron!!!

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Dec 24 2007

My Nephew On Christmas Eve 2007







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Sep 19 2007

My Nephew Cameron Learns How To Clean (Video)

At 18 months, my nephew Cameron used the swiffer to clean up a mess he made and then decided it was too fun to stop and pushed it around some more. Cameron, nephew, cleaning, swiffer

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Apr 21 2007

New Pictures of My Nephew Cameron – April 21st, 2007

Here are updated pictures of Cameron. These were professionally taken and they are so cute. cameron, nephew, family, cameron heichman

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Mar 08 2007

I received a “Great Mom Award”

I bought books for my nephew Cameron from Scholastic Book Club and I was sent an interesting award. cameron, uncle, nephew, mother, mom, great mom award, scholastic, award, great mom, books, children

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Dec 29 2006

Cameron at Christmas

While home for Christmas, I got to spend time with my nephew and he keeps on growing bigger every time I see him. He was dressed in a reindeer outfit and it was very cute. Enjoy cameron, christmas, family, nephew, uncle, xmas

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Nov 14 2006

New Pictures of Cameron

Since the last time that I posted pictures of Cameron, he has grown so much. I have set up a Blog for him at CameronHeichman.net cameron, cameron heichman, family, nephew

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Jun 26 2006

Cameron is Bigger

After not seeing my nephew in over a month, I went home to see him and he has grown a lot. Here are a few updated pictures baby, Cameron, Cameron Jay, family, Nephew

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Mar 04 2006

My Nephew…

Here is one of the pics my Mother sent me of Cameron…(that is the right spelling)…I will add more photos when I get them… cameron, family, nephew

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