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Aug 19 2008

The Roast Of Bob Saget: Norm McDonald Was Awful (NSFW)

Everyone knows Bob Saget! All other comedians who were there to roast him, weren’t that bad, but not everyone can be on each night. Bob Saget ended his night by telling everyone to F*ck Off and suck his 100 million dollar c*ck.

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Dec 26 2007

‚??Twas The Night Before XMAS In Red Sox Nation

Following was written by Sox1Fan ‚??Twas the night before Christmas and throughout Red Sox Nation, The fans of the team are filled with a-dor-a-tion‚?¶ After eighty-six years of coming up short, The franchise is now a model for the sport‚?¶ The ownership‚??s committed to winning it all, The front office builds teams to play deep into fall‚?¶ And soon we may get the Twins lefty ace, Who could make it impossible for others to keep pace‚?¶ When out in free agency they faced a big bump, Schill and Mighty Mike took less rather than jump‚?¶ And so the team that they‚??ll field as they try to repeat, Will be nearly the same the others could not defeat‚?¶ Beckett and Schill and Dice-K and Santana (?), Would be the best starting four from here to Montana‚?¶ And even if the trade doesn‚??t ever go through, Wakefield and Lester and Buchholz will do‚?¶ The bullpen is solid from bottom to top, Papelbon, our young closer, has got some great ‚??pop‚??‚?¶ The pitching is among the best in the game, Leaving hitters often feeling inadequate and lame‚?¶ The offense is good and bound to improve, Especially if Julio and JD find their groove‚?¶ Jacoby as a rookie was all the rage, From the top of the order he will help set the stage Manny and Papi are historically great, Ortiz was brought here as if driven by fate‚?¶ Octagenarians are reminded of the days of their youth, As the pair puts up numbers like Gehrig and Ruth, We love our young guys like Dustin and Youk, Next season they‚??ll prove 0-7 was no fluke‚?¶ ‚??Tek needs to be strong throughout the whole year, Mike Lowell will fill opposing pitchers with fear‚?¶ We won in 0-4 and again in 0-7, So that being a fan is like being in heaven‚?¶ And as we look forward to two-thousand-eight, We can‚??t help but think a repeat would be great‚?¶

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Dec 01 2007

Why Are People So Rude On The Highway

I was driving up 93 today to my friends house and I was going “a little” over the speed limit and some guy doing 100 came up behind me flashing his high beams. After he passed me he pulled across 4 lanes without his blinker and then sped up.

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Oct 17 2007

Saturday Night Live’s TV Funhouse: Maraka Cartoon

This is a SNL spoof on Dora The Explorer and it is hilarious. You have to dumb yourself down to watch it or else you just think it is stupid. snl, tv funhouse, maraka, cartoon, funny, humor, saturday night live, spoof

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Feb 13 2006

Karaoke Night for Snow Daze

As Snow Daze began, I realized that it was going to be a great week for me because I had put this all together on my own and it was a great feeling. It went really well even though I was sick and in no shape to be there pace, snow daze, karaoke, dan fife

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