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Sep 20 2008

Family Yard Sale And "Spring" Cleaning All Day

Today, my mother, my sisters, my brother-in-laws and I had a yard sale to get rid of everything that we didn’t need since we are selling our house. After the yard sale was over, I went up to my room (still living at home until we sell the house so I can help my mom) and cleaned almost everything.

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Jul 20 2008

‘The Dark Knight’ Mini Review

I saw the Dark Knight today with my friend Lindsay and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Heath Ledgers performance will shock you because of how real he makes it. I know the video is a few weeks old, but it made my point.

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Mar 03 2007

Cameron Turns 1 Year Old Today

Cameron turned One Year Old today and we had a party for him at my sister Suzanne’s house. My sister Suzanne and Cameron 1 year old, birthday, birthday party, cameron, cameron heichman, family, one year old, party

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Dec 10 2006

Wii Trumps PS3 in Sales

When Nintendo launched their highly anticipated video console “Wii”, no one expected the response to be quite as big as it was. The Wii can be played by an 10 year old, a 20 year old, a 40 year old or an 80 year old person.

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Aug 08 2006

5 years old = Perfect DDR Routine

I have played DDR twice in my life and it was tough, but this kid makes it look….well not easy but could dance better than I can 🙂 ddr, 5 year old, movie, dance dance revolution

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