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Apr 26 2008

I Love When I Receive Idiotic Phone Calls

Today when I was spending time with my mother, she received a very strange phone call from a medical office in New York. I told him that he wasn’t being very professional and that I would like to speak to supervisor and he told me, “Ma’am, you will have to deal with me first.”

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Apr 23 2008

Thank You BlackBerry Desktop Manager

I figured all of my numbers and settings were gone, but the new phone came with BlackBerry Desktop Manager which allowed me to transfer all of my files, contacts and messages to my other phone.

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Jul 07 2007

Nerds Explain The Meaning Of “Phone Sex”

Note: The difference between a Nerd and a Geek is the following – A nerd is very similar to a geek, but with more RAM and a faster modem. Nerds often find geeks dull because geeks don’t spend enough time talking about computers.

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May 21 2006

New Cell Phone

Basic Information Talk time: 225 minutes Standby time: 163 hours Size: 3.58H x 1.92W x 1.03D inches Weight: 4.16 oz Basic Features * All Digital Phone * 1.3 Megapixel Camera with flash * Connect with Bluetooth * MiniSD External Memory Port * Speakerphone * Voice Dialing * Color Screen Other Features * Bluetooth * Get It Now * Mobile Web 2.0 * Picture Messaging * Removable Memory * Video Messaging * V CAST Music * V CAST Bluetooth, LG, new phone, phone, VCast, verizon, Wireless Technology

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Mar 23 2006

VoIP Fire Flaw

“It is being reported on the Vonage Forums that last month when Loren Veltkamp’s Chanhassen, Minnesota home caught on fire, he immediately called 9-1-1 using Vonage. fire, house fire, internet, internet phone, phone, voip, vonage

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