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Jan 11 2008

How To Color In Photoshop (Borkweb.com)

Want to turn the left image into the right image using photoshop? My friend Matt posted a sweet video that he created about taking the outline of an image and putting it into photoshop to color it.

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Nov 10 2007

Playboy Playmate From Photoshop

Do you think that anyone can be turned into a playboy playmate? Check out what someone did using photoshop to turn a picture of a normal woman into a playboy playmate cover girl. It is sad that people have to completely change who they are to be on the cover of playboy, but that is life and some people will take that risk.

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Jun 19 2007

Bad Photoshop Skills: Jessica Simpson and “Thing”

If you are going to photoshop an image, you might want to triple check the image to make sure there are no oversights. thing, jessica simpson, photoshop, skills, photoshop skills, adams family, funny, humor

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