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Oct 10 2008

What Happens When Pumpkins Get Drunk?

One of my friends from work, Kim, sent me this picture which I wanted to share.

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Jun 16 2007

My Trip To Armenia 2001: My Host Father (Unaltered Picture)

The following picture was taken of my host father and I in Armenia at their apartment building outside their apartment. armenia, trip, armenian trip, host father, host family, unaltered, picture, 2001, my trip

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Jun 10 2007

There Is No Such Thing As Perfection (Picture)

Seriously people, if that is not irony, I don’t know what is. However, the real question is did they do it on purpose to make it an interesting sight, it is a tailor that does alterations. perfection, funny, humor, picture, irony, ironic

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Jun 05 2007

Sweet Interactive Image FTW

It is hard to see what to do on the actual image, but at the very bottom of the white section in the middle is a “click here to start”. Once you start, click and drag your mouse up or down on the image for it to change.

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Mar 07 2007

Kitty Kicking 101

New kind of sport for….MEAN PEOPLE 🙂 I got this picture from my cousin’s pictures and I thought it was funny. kicking, kitten, kitty, kitty kicking

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Mar 15 2006

Find 75 Bands!!!!

This is really fun to do in your “spare” time. Find 75 Bands in this picture and then comment on this post with your list. Click on the image to get a bigger one to view. 75 bands, bands, list, picture

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