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Jun 03 2007

Red Sox Managers Winning Record In First 3 Seasons

Don Zimmer: 287 Terry Francona: 279 Year Uniform # Manager(s) Wins Losses WP Position GB Roster 1977 34 Don Zimmer 97 64 .602 2nd 2½ 1977 1978 34 Don Zimmer 99 64 .607 2nd 1 1978 1979 34 Don Zimmer 91 69 .569 3rd 11½ 1979 2004 47 Terry Francona 98 64 .605 2nd 3 2004 2005 47 Terry Francona 95 67 .586 2nd 0 2005 2006 47 Terry Francona 86 76 .531 3rd 11 2006 red sox, baseball, boston, mlb, managers, don zimmer, terry francona, winning, record

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May 27 2007

Red Sox Sweep Rangers, Yankees Get Swept

Julian Tavarez May 22, 1973Santiago, Dominican RepublicHeight: 6-2Weight: 195 lbs.Age: 34Pronounced: JOOL-ee-an tah-VAR-rezREC 3-4 SV 0 ERA 5.40 WHIP 1.43SportStatisfactionstats from ESPN.com The Red Sox had not swept a three-game series from the Rangers in Texas since Nixon was in office.

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Mar 30 2007

Johnny Pesky Banned From Dugout By MLB

Johnny Pesky, Mr. Red Sox, has been with the Sox for the past 57 years as a player, coach and manager. “When you get to the age of Johnny Pesky, his reaction time is not like it used to be, so you’re concerned with Johnny’s health — not only in the dugout during the game, but also during the workouts when he’s out on the field. baseball, boston, johnny pesky, mlb, mr red sox, red sox, sox

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Mar 11 2007

Francona Quit Chewing Tobacco for 20K

Terry Francona (left), Boston Red Sox Manager, has bet Red Sox President Larry Lucchino $20,000 that he will quit chewing tobacco for the entire baseball season. 20k, bosox, boston, cancer, chewing, Dana-Farber, francona, larry lucchino, lucchino, manager, president, red sox, sox, terry francona, tobacco

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