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Jul 03 2008

Teenage Girls Lose Limbs While Sunbathing On Railroad Tracks

Two girls got hit by a train while sunbathing on the tracks. The girls were cutting class and enjoying the sunny weather when the freight train came upon them. There’s no indication the girls were impaired by alcohol or drugs, or that their hearing was impaired by headphones.

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Jun 14 2008

Live Blogging From The Boston Beer Marathon

I am in transit to another bar on the MBTA and I thought I would write a quick post. My friends and I met up with a bunch of other people that we knew and traveled around Boston bar hopping.

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Jun 29 2007

Man Commits Suicide Via Train

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Dec 31 2006

2006 Darwin Award Nominees

Instead of looking out the window or asking another passenger to find out where the train was, he ripped open the doors of the train and threw himself from the train, much to the astonishment of onlooking passengers.

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