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May 01 2008

Fan ‘Catches’ 454 Balls In A Row…Not A Euphemism

He is very weird, but he does make some funny comments.

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Mar 10 2007

Nattyware’s Pixie Tool Weirdness

Zach had Pixie open and moved his mouse off his PC and onto his Mac when he noticed that the color displaying on Pixie was a peach color. Conclusion: While using Pixie and Synergy, if you move the cursor off the screen of a PC (Pixie is a Windows Application) onto any other platform, Pixie will display the first color that it registered as you move it onto the other platform when it was first opened.

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Dec 02 2006

Weird Chinese TV Shows

I can understand how young children may like this show but it is Chinese, TV, Laughing and Karaoke all in one. Chinese, chinese tv shows, ha ha, tv, tv shows, weird

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