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Mar 15 2008

Psychics Are Like Actors

The host called a psychic and the psychic told the man which card he picked. However, the psychic did not actually visualize the card, he kept guessing until the host said the predetermined phrases. Then he would say the suits and when he was right the host would say hold on and hand the phone to the guy who picked the card.

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Jul 08 2007

PeeWee Herman For Crack Cocaine PSA (Funny-ish)

I know that this is made to be a serious Public Service Announcement, but it is hard to take PeeWee Herman seriously. What I think they needed to do was make him act like he did on PeeWee’s Playhouse and then have a voice over stating that this is what crack does to you. crack, cocaine, peewee herman, peewee, funny, humor, serious

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Aug 01 2006

Bad Day in the Office

So, next time you’re having a bad day at work, think about how much worse it would be if you had a jellyfish shoved up your butt. Now repeat to yourself, “I love my job, I love my job, I love my job.”Now whenever you have a bad day, ask yourself, “Is this a jellyfish bad day?”

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